Monday, July 15, 2013

"Micro" Quilt

My mini-quilt is done.
Or as my husband kept calling it- my "micro" quilt. 
No matter how many times I corrected him, he couldn't remember it was called a "mini" quilt. ha!

It's crazy how long it took me to make such a small project. Hand-stitching itself takes time, but it probably took me a little longer considering it was my first time. Despite how tired my hand and arm became, I liked hand-stitching my hexagons! I love that I was able to throw all my supplies in a small box and take it wherever I went. And I love that I was able to watch movies while working; something I am never able to do behind a noisy sewing machine.
 What do you think? Like it? 

 I added a little hand embroidery for a special touch. It was my first time embroidering as well. It's FAR from perfect but I still love it. 
Remember, it was my first time.
My hubs thought the back of my "micro" quilt was cool. I didn't have a set pattern I followed when I went to quilt. I just followed along some of the hexagon outlines and when I flipped it over it looked like this.
I also made my own binding for the first time. 
Seems like there is a reoccuring theme for the quilt, eh? Everything seems to be my first time! 
Hand-stitching, English Paper-Piecing, making my own binding, and the embroidery were all a first for me!
I think the quilt turned out pretty cute considering it was my first. 
I love it! Now I just have to find a place to display it in my sewing corner!

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  1. Oh, it turned out adorable!!! I'm enjoying the EPP process and mobility so much too.