About Me

Hey there! 
I'm Whit! I'm the crafty gal behind the seams of The Running Stitch.
I love all things crafty, creative, or quilted. 
 I also enjoy running...hence the name Running Stitches

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children and a fireman's wife...
 to this great guy.

..who also happens to be the biggest goofball I know but I LOVE that about him.

He makes me do some of the dumbest silliest things. 
We have a lot of fun together! 

Our family is growing...
My little man Ashton is now 5 years old and has energy like you cannot believe.
And my little Alaya is 3 and loves to show off her toddler attitude.
And my little Janessa is one now and babbling like crazy.

 My heart is so full. 

Find more pics of myself, crafts, or my crazy life 
on Instagram @runningstitchwhit
or on Facebook HERE!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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