Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reversible Baby Quilt

 I'm so excited to share with you a baby quilt I just finished for a special baby girl! 
I love the coral & mint colors in this quilt! 
The special perk to this quilt is it's REVERSIBLE!!

I originally had intentions of this baby quilt to just be a strip quilt.
(You know me and my love of strip quilts!!!)
But I felt like it needed something more. The strips seemed to be too simple, too plain for such a special baby girl. So I set the strip quilt top aside and started a new quilt top with the scraps I had left.
 I'm smitten over triangle quilts right now so I knew right away I wanted to have my hand at a triangle quilt.
And I'm so glad I did because the fabrics worked perfectly together as triangles!
And since I had a leftover quilt top lying around I thought it would make the perfect "backing" for this quilt which in turn made this quilt reversible! 
How awesome is that?! Genius idea (*pat on the back)
I quilted along each side of the triangles which gives the back even more pattern and texture to the strips.
After a fresh wash, it wrinkled up ever so nicely the way a fresh new quilt should.
This one is going to be hard to part with, but I love it's going to a friend of ours and their soon to be baby girl! I hope they love this quilt as much as I do!

...and a few last pics for your viewing pleasure....

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mary's Quilt

I know I say this every year, but wow the summer is flying by!!
How are we already so close to August??!
Unfortunately, my July hasn't been as productive as I wanted it to be. 
It's so hard to get some good quality sewing time when I have 2 very young children and all the summer activities that come with the beautiful weather. And my sister got a tonsilectomy last week so I've been trying to help her as much as I can or watching my niece & nephew so she can get some rest. I've witnessed my husband getting his tonsils removed and now my sister. I'd be fine if I don't ever have to get mine removed-recovery is less than a pleasant one!!!! Yeow!

Anyways, I have managed to finish one quilt order so far. 
My mother in law Mary loves baby-sized quilts to use at a table-cover so she asked me to make her one that match her new curtains. I LOVE when she asks me to make things for her because she leaves all the designing and creativity to me which makes it a lot of fun for me.
I'm obsessed with triangle quilts so I sewed up some random half square triangles and got to sewing. 
I didn't have a pattern or design in mind until I was done sewing them and laid them all out to figure out how to sort them.
I love when half square triangles are random and abstract. In fact, I have another HST in the making.
But since this quilt is meant to be a large table-topper, I wanted to make sure it had more of a dramatic middle or center to the quilt. That's why I decided to put a Sawtooth Star in the middle. And instead of the triangles being random, I made them more into points to give a symmetrical look.
 That's what I love about HSTs! They design possibilities are endless!!
I'm not all that good at triangles yet, I've been practicing and trying to get better at them. So I appreciate my Mother-in-Law giving me a chance to play around with triangles and even some free motion quilting.
The quilt has many flaws and is far from perfect.
But one thing it does have is love!
I spent a lot of time, love, and effort trying to make a quilt she would enjoy
so I hope she loves it... flaws & all. Afterall, it is handmade.
There's just something so special about a handmade quilt.
They are one of a kind.