Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Birthday Giveaway

Hey everyone!!
I'm SO excited to share with you a couple fun giveaways with you this week!!
Thursday is MY BIRTHDAY so to celebrate I want to give YOU some gifts!!
Today you have a chance to win this gorgeous zipper bag made from Anna Marie Horner's Folk Song fabric.

I'm so in love with her fabric designs and colors. 
She makes the most stunning collections. 

So for your chance to win this zipper pouch and key chain fob you have 3 chances to win.

#1. Follow me on Instagram @runningstitchwhit and tag a friend on this photo
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#3. Share this photo on instagram or facebook

Good luck friends! I'll draw a winner tomorrow morning!
Be sure to check back because I have ANOTHER giveaway for you!!! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dresden Plate Baby Bibs

It's been awhile since I've had time to blog and share my life lately so I want to take a short time today and do just that.  If you want to know what I do with most of my time, I have an 8 month old and a 2 (nearly 3 year old)...Need I say more? They both keep me very busy playing or cleaning up messes. 
When I do find free time for myself, I try to sneak in a shower or sit down to sew and catch up on some orders. For those of you who have put in orders, thank you for your patience! 
I have many WIPs at the moment, countless quilt tops that need to be quilted and a drawer full of have done blocks or projects. 

After I'm finished with the orders, I hope to get to that drawer and finish those items! But  let's be honest, I'll most likely probably find myself starting on a new project to add to that drawer.

Anyways, today I want to share with you a short project I made a few weeks ago. 
I'm completely in love with it! It started by me rummaging through my drawer of half done projects and found this pink Dresden Plate I had made 2 years ago. 
I always planned to make it into a table-topper for Valentine's Day but I never got around to it. I'm not a huge pink type of girl so I was never drawn to it. But I LOVE Dresdens so I held on to it. 

Alaya was starting to run out of bibs so I thought it would be a great time to sew her a few new ones! So as I sifted through all my scraps and fabric and found this, it hit me-Dresdens would make the perfect bib!!! I didn't write up a complete tutorial for you but I'll give you a rough idea of how I made it in case you want to make one too! 
So as you can see I started with my already sewn Dresden Plate that had also already been sewn down to a white fabric block. If you don't know how to make a Dresden Plate you can find a great tutorial HERE!!
Next I grabbed an old bib of Alayas and traced around it for a template. 
 I chose to trace around this particular bib because I love the bibs that velcro/snap on the side because the velcro tends to rub and scratch the back of my baby's necks. You can also adjust the shape of the bib if needed. For me, I made the back strap a little longer (neck a little bit wider) since I have chubby babies. 
**Keep in mind that when you trace you need to trace wider than the bib template itself to make up for seam allowances.

Once you have it traced and the bib the shape/length you like it, cut it out.
Like so.
Next, lay it face down on a towel or terry cloth and pin around the edges.
Next sew all the way around the bib leaving a 4" open so you can turn your bib right side out.
Then sew along the edges of the bib once it is right side out and close the 4" that was once open.

Last but not least, add some velcro or snaps to the ends to complete the bib.
And if you find more scraps or lonely quilt blocks, turn those into a bib too!!
Talk about, ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Alaya's Nursery

I'm excited to share with you a few pictures of Alaya's nursery.
As you already know, we moved into our house this past summer and our new home allowed for her to have a room of her own! I was elated to be able to decorate a room for her!
But after the cost of moving, there wasn't a lot left in the budget to spend a lot so most everything was handmade or repurposed.
Her curtains, crib, & swing were leftover from her brothers old room.
The wall decorations were all handmade.
For my birthday in July, I was given a Joann's gift card, and with that I purchased some fabric.

This was before we had moved into our house and decided on colors for her room so I'm glad they ended up matching in the end.
With the fabric, I made a mini quilt for her wall.

On another wall I just used what I had around the house.
The letter was from her brother's old room and I just repainted it.
You can find these wooden letters at Walmart or HobbyLobby for cheap! Just paint over it with some craft paint. 
It's SO simple & cheap ...yet super cute at the same time.
And the garland I just used strips of leftover fabric and lace ribbon! 

On another wall hangs this pretty picture a friend made for her. 
It's absolutely perfect for her room!
Such a treasure.

As for the wall color,  it was actually picked by my husband. I wanted to do purple or a light gray but he say that was too typical. He wanted something different. Oh boy. But with a huge sigh of relief, I actually like love the color he picked! It's so colorful & cheery! Nice job hun! ;)

I also whipped up a quick quilt for her with some scrap fabric I had in my stash.
And used some of that fabric to put in embroidery hoops to hang above her crib. 
I actually doubled the batting in it so it was extra thick 
for when she lays on the floor or has tummy time.
And it's also made for a great backdrop in her newborn photos...

Anyways, back to her room!
I absolutely love how it's coming along. 
Sure it's not perfect, but I like it anyways! 

I feel like I should wrap up with a more recent picture of her since she isn't that tiny little newborn anymore!
 I can't hardly believe how big she is getting!
I couldn't ask for a sweeter or happier baby. 

***I've had a handful of people ask me what color of paint her room so I thought I would share!
It's called Alluring Aruba Blue #10744
And we just bought the paint from Walmart so the brand is ColorPlace.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Bitter Sweet Year

What a year it has been!!
It has been one long roller-coaster of a ride...& to be honest, 
I'm glad it's coming to an end & we can start a new year afresh!
I'm thankful each year offers new beginnings! 
I'll spare you the all the details of my 2014 because I could fill a book.
But in short, we found out I was pregnant in January & were as thrilled as could be!
There was a small scare but miraculously that vanished & I continued to have a healthy pregnancy.
Those 9 months seemed to go so terribly slow!!
It was a very uncomfortable, worrisome, stressful time.
Especially because we were without a home for a couple months.
In June we were literally "camping" in a vacant apt a dear friend let us rent for a month last minute.
We didn't plan to stay long so we packed only what we *needed.
Imagine being 5 months pregnant with no furniture, no tv, and sleeping on an air mattress. 
My husband was so patient and willing when it came to helping me get up from sitting on the floor.
I tried not to complain too much but I was miserable. 
And the stress and time-crunch of trying to find a new home with a toddler and a baby on the way was quite overwhelming. So many ups & downs with house hunting!
June came & went and took with it the apartment.
Meanwhile, I just continued to get bigger & even more uncomfortable.
But our prayers had been answered & we found a house perfect for our family.
The paperwork took longer than promised so once again we were searching for a place to stay while we waited to move into our new home.
My parents generously offered us to stay with them while we waited for the paperwork to go through.
That "short" wait ended taking three long weeks.
I prayed endlessly for this little man through it all. 
I didn't want all of the stress & instability with moving so many times have a negative effect on him.
Once again, prayers answered because he did AMAZING through it all. Better than I could have imagined and handled it all better than I did. 
He didn't seem to mind his toys were packed away in storage somewhere or that he only had 5 outfits to pick from.
He such a well-behaved happy boy through it all. And especially loved when we stayed at his Papa & Nonna's house! 
I think familiarity was refreshing for us all. 
At last, the paperwork went through and it was MOVING TIME!! 
We were ecstatic!! 
We got busy right away turning our house into a home. 
My nesting instincts kicked in and I got right to work on a room for our baby girl.
A huge weight was lifted from our shoulders and hours of prayers had been answered. 
We were home at last.
We unpacked Ashton's room & toys before he came home and when he saw them all it was like Christmas morning! He kept squealing, "My toys! My toys!" He was so excited to have all of his toys again!
Two months later....
My sweet little Alaya was welcomed home as well.
Such joy.
She has the best big brother. 
He loves on her CONSTANTLY.
It didn't take long for me to start dressing her up & snapping a bajillion pictures.
I can't get enough of that tiny round face!
She is the sweetest baby. So content & happy!
I'm very thankful to be able to stay home full-time with these two kiddos.
We are so very blessed.
The past year had it's rough spots but it was also filled with many blessings.
Sure there were times we were without a home but we always had a roof over our heads. 
God was with us through it all.
Our needs were always met & there were so many blessings even in the rough times.
I'm so thankful He was always by our side and gave us the most amazing family who provided us so much support and love this past year as well.
It is a bitter sweet goodbye to the year 2014.

Deuteronomy 31:8
"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; 
he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."