Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reversible Baby Quilt

 I'm so excited to share with you a baby quilt I just finished for a special baby girl! 
I love the coral & mint colors in this quilt! 
The special perk to this quilt is it's REVERSIBLE!!

I originally had intentions of this baby quilt to just be a strip quilt.
(You know me and my love of strip quilts!!!)
But I felt like it needed something more. The strips seemed to be too simple, too plain for such a special baby girl. So I set the strip quilt top aside and started a new quilt top with the scraps I had left.
 I'm smitten over triangle quilts right now so I knew right away I wanted to have my hand at a triangle quilt.
And I'm so glad I did because the fabrics worked perfectly together as triangles!
And since I had a leftover quilt top lying around I thought it would make the perfect "backing" for this quilt which in turn made this quilt reversible! 
How awesome is that?! Genius idea (*pat on the back)
I quilted along each side of the triangles which gives the back even more pattern and texture to the strips.
After a fresh wash, it wrinkled up ever so nicely the way a fresh new quilt should.
This one is going to be hard to part with, but I love it's going to a friend of ours and their soon to be baby girl! I hope they love this quilt as much as I do!

...and a few last pics for your viewing pleasure....

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mary's Quilt

I know I say this every year, but wow the summer is flying by!!
How are we already so close to August??!
Unfortunately, my July hasn't been as productive as I wanted it to be. 
It's so hard to get some good quality sewing time when I have 2 very young children and all the summer activities that come with the beautiful weather. And my sister got a tonsilectomy last week so I've been trying to help her as much as I can or watching my niece & nephew so she can get some rest. I've witnessed my husband getting his tonsils removed and now my sister. I'd be fine if I don't ever have to get mine removed-recovery is less than a pleasant one!!!! Yeow!

Anyways, I have managed to finish one quilt order so far. 
My mother in law Mary loves baby-sized quilts to use at a table-cover so she asked me to make her one that match her new curtains. I LOVE when she asks me to make things for her because she leaves all the designing and creativity to me which makes it a lot of fun for me.
I'm obsessed with triangle quilts so I sewed up some random half square triangles and got to sewing. 
I didn't have a pattern or design in mind until I was done sewing them and laid them all out to figure out how to sort them.
I love when half square triangles are random and abstract. In fact, I have another HST in the making.
But since this quilt is meant to be a large table-topper, I wanted to make sure it had more of a dramatic middle or center to the quilt. That's why I decided to put a Sawtooth Star in the middle. And instead of the triangles being random, I made them more into points to give a symmetrical look.
 That's what I love about HSTs! They design possibilities are endless!!
I'm not all that good at triangles yet, I've been practicing and trying to get better at them. So I appreciate my Mother-in-Law giving me a chance to play around with triangles and even some free motion quilting.
The quilt has many flaws and is far from perfect.
But one thing it does have is love!
I spent a lot of time, love, and effort trying to make a quilt she would enjoy
so I hope she loves it... flaws & all. Afterall, it is handmade.
There's just something so special about a handmade quilt.
They are one of a kind.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Birthday Giveaway

Hey everyone!!
I'm SO excited to share with you a couple fun giveaways with you this week!!
Thursday is MY BIRTHDAY so to celebrate I want to give YOU some gifts!!
Today you have a chance to win this gorgeous zipper bag made from Anna Marie Horner's Folk Song fabric.

I'm so in love with her fabric designs and colors. 
She makes the most stunning collections. 

So for your chance to win this zipper pouch and key chain fob you have 3 chances to win.

#1. Follow me on Instagram @runningstitchwhit and tag a friend on this photo
#2. Like The Running Stitch on Facebook and tag a friend on the photo
#3. Share this photo on instagram or facebook

Good luck friends! I'll draw a winner tomorrow morning!
Be sure to check back because I have ANOTHER giveaway for you!!! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dresden Plate Baby Bibs

It's been awhile since I've had time to blog and share my life lately so I want to take a short time today and do just that.  If you want to know what I do with most of my time, I have an 8 month old and a 2 (nearly 3 year old)...Need I say more? They both keep me very busy playing or cleaning up messes. 
When I do find free time for myself, I try to sneak in a shower or sit down to sew and catch up on some orders. For those of you who have put in orders, thank you for your patience! 
I have many WIPs at the moment, countless quilt tops that need to be quilted and a drawer full of have done blocks or projects. 

After I'm finished with the orders, I hope to get to that drawer and finish those items! But  let's be honest, I'll most likely probably find myself starting on a new project to add to that drawer.

Anyways, today I want to share with you a short project I made a few weeks ago. 
I'm completely in love with it! It started by me rummaging through my drawer of half done projects and found this pink Dresden Plate I had made 2 years ago. 
I always planned to make it into a table-topper for Valentine's Day but I never got around to it. I'm not a huge pink type of girl so I was never drawn to it. But I LOVE Dresdens so I held on to it. 

Alaya was starting to run out of bibs so I thought it would be a great time to sew her a few new ones! So as I sifted through all my scraps and fabric and found this, it hit me-Dresdens would make the perfect bib!!! I didn't write up a complete tutorial for you but I'll give you a rough idea of how I made it in case you want to make one too! 
So as you can see I started with my already sewn Dresden Plate that had also already been sewn down to a white fabric block. If you don't know how to make a Dresden Plate you can find a great tutorial HERE!!
Next I grabbed an old bib of Alayas and traced around it for a template. 
 I chose to trace around this particular bib because I love the bibs that velcro/snap on the side because the velcro tends to rub and scratch the back of my baby's necks. You can also adjust the shape of the bib if needed. For me, I made the back strap a little longer (neck a little bit wider) since I have chubby babies. 
**Keep in mind that when you trace you need to trace wider than the bib template itself to make up for seam allowances.

Once you have it traced and the bib the shape/length you like it, cut it out.
Like so.
Next, lay it face down on a towel or terry cloth and pin around the edges.
Next sew all the way around the bib leaving a 4" open so you can turn your bib right side out.
Then sew along the edges of the bib once it is right side out and close the 4" that was once open.

Last but not least, add some velcro or snaps to the ends to complete the bib.
And if you find more scraps or lonely quilt blocks, turn those into a bib too!!
Talk about, ADORABLE!!!!!!!

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