Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easy Felt Flower Tutorial

Aren't these felt flowers adorable?! They are easy too!! I use them for a lot of different projects. I stick them on wreaths, headbands, hair clips, backpacks, hats, jars, frames, etc. I love these and wanted to share with you how to make them! All you need is:

*hot glue gun

Cut a strip of fabric. The length and width will vary depending on how large/small you want your flower as well as the length of the "stems". If you want a large flower then you need a longer strip of fabric. If you want the "stems" to be short and fat you need your width to be smaller. For longer thin stems you need a wider strip to cut thin stems. If that is confusing you I promise you will understand after we get through the directions. If it's still hazy, let me know and I'll explain more...Anyways, next:
Fold your strip in half. I like to put a small dab of hot glue at the bottom to hold it in place but its not entirely necessary. If you do decide to use glue to help hold it, but sure to put just a LITTLE bit for this part.
After you have your strip folded in half, cut small slits along the folded strip. **Be sure not to cut all the way and accidentally cut your strip in half!!! (Notice this flower I cut small fat slits, I will show you later what it would look like if you cut skinny thin slits)
Now that you have cut slits down the entire strip, it's time to roll!! Take the center and roll it around and around itself. The picture explains this best :) You can glue along the way but you don't need to because...

once you you have it all rolled up it should be flat on the bottom and look like this! Now is where you get your glue gun!
Generously apply hot glue to the back(bottom) of your flower!
Add a round piece of felt to the back on top of all your hot glue.

And WHALA!! You have a cute little felt flower! 

Easy right?!! Now you can hot glue it on a cute tote bag, hat, frame, wreath, etc. Or add a pin/clip to the back to make it into a fashion accessory!

Also, I said I would show you what it would look like if you made your strip short & wider as well as cut long skinny slits.. I made this cute little headband!!

Or add it to a cute packaged gift!

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