Monday, January 28, 2013


From time to time I enjoy going into the Salvation Army we have here in town. I like to hunt for things I can use for my crafts! Most of the time I don't find anything because the store we have here locally is pretty junky. My mom ALWAYS finds the cutest clothes! I swear every week I see her in a new cute jacket or outfit and compliment her on it! She always say "Oh, I just found it at Salvation Army!" She has all the luck there! I can NEVER find anything cute in my size. I guess not a lot of young 21 year olds take their clothes there...Anyways, sometimes I find some tableclothes or sheets I like to use as fabric scraps for my projects. But the other day I went in there and I was so excited by what I found... a big bag full of lace ribbons and trims!! And I got it all for a whoppin' fifty cents! ... But now that I have it-I don't know what to do with it... Any ideas or suggestions? 


DIY Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial

Here is a bottle cap magnet I made! It's easy to make! I'll show you what you need!! 

Bottle caps from Hobby Lobby. They make so many different colors and sizes! They even have fun zebra printed ones!

These bubble stickers. You can find them right next to the bottle caps! Convenient.

You also need fun paper or even a picture of what you want inside your bottle cap. And last but not least, you need some round magnets.

1. Cut you paper/picture into a round circle
2. Glue (or mod podge) the paper to the inside of the bottle cap.
3. Once Mod Podge is dry...Put the bubble sticker on top of the paper.
4. Hot glue magnet to the back of the bottle cap.

Tada! You have a cute bottle cap magnets.

I even made some to support my state football team! Go Hawkeyes!

Easiest Flower Hair Clip/Pin

This is the easiest and fasted flower clip I have ever made! All you have to do is take Tulle decorative trim (I got mine from Hobby Lobby 50% off so it was only like $1.50 for the entire roll!) To make the flower just use a hot glue gun and wrap the tulle around in a circle until your flower is as big as you desire. Then hot glue some *bling* to the middle and TADA! :) ... then of course ad a clip to the back or stick it on a headband. Simple!

*(I realize the trim and the completed flower in the pic are different colors..I just grabbed a roll of trim I had to take a pic for you to see! The grey makes cute flowers too! Pink would be cute for a little girl's hair piece.)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Upcycle Crinkle Tag Toy Before & After

You wouldn't believe the stack of baby clothes that I need to get rid of that my son has grown out of or never even wore. As I was looking through them I saw some of them had the cutest appliques and patterns on them! So my craft instincts kicked in and I decided to make some of them into little Crinkle tag toys for my son to play with! So here is a before and after picture (I had 2 of the same outfits). It was SO EASY!! Anyone could do it...seriously. I added one of those plastic gift sack things I had left over from Christmas and stuck it inside the square with some batting then added some ribbon 3 sides and BOOM! A crinkle tag toy.