Monday, January 28, 2013

Easiest Flower Hair Clip/Pin

This is the easiest and fasted flower clip I have ever made! All you have to do is take Tulle decorative trim (I got mine from Hobby Lobby 50% off so it was only like $1.50 for the entire roll!) To make the flower just use a hot glue gun and wrap the tulle around in a circle until your flower is as big as you desire. Then hot glue some *bling* to the middle and TADA! :) ... then of course ad a clip to the back or stick it on a headband. Simple!

*(I realize the trim and the completed flower in the pic are different colors..I just grabbed a roll of trim I had to take a pic for you to see! The grey makes cute flowers too! Pink would be cute for a little girl's hair piece.)

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