Thursday, February 16, 2012

Craft Room & DIY 'Scrapbook Frame'

Just a peek of my craft room!! Not a full pic-just the corner. The camera made the colors a little washed out. The walls are more yellow and colors are more bold..I also have computer and items in other parts of the room. This is just a peek .. But it won't look like this much longer!  This little room will soon be the baby room! I think we are going to leave the walls yellow and do a sports theme room for our baby boy!
And I made the frame you see on the left! I had a black 8x10 picture frame and the glass I painted it and made it into a "scrapbook frame" piece. You can see it on top of the bookshelf I have. I love it! The best part about this project is you can use any color scheme you want! Pick colors to match your living room, kitchen, etc.