Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Mail :)

Yesterday I received a package in the mail and was thrilled with what I found inside!!
 I was SO excited that the box didn't stand a chance...
My sweet aunt sent me some sewing goodies!
She is the most thoughtful woman I know! Love her!

She must have went to some vintage stores or somewhere fun to find these treasures! 
She sent a BIG bag full of threads and awesome old buttons! Eek!
I need to get me some cute old jars to display these pretties in! 
And look what else ...
 Is this not the sweetest little angel you ever did see? 
She is a pretty embroidering angel! Look at the teeny needle and thread!!
Swoon! She is quite special to me.

And last but not least, in fact, I squealed out lout with excitement 
when I unwrapped this little knick-knack:
 I LOVE this little vintage sewing machine!! 
You would never believe it's actually a pencil sharpener!! Cute, right?!!
It's okay to be jealous. I would be too.
This little knick-knack so precious to me is because I recently got ....

A vintage sewing machine!!
This beauty is mine.
I have always wanted a vintage sewing machine. Always.
I think they are beautiful and I could stare at them all day long.
In fact, sometimes I just stand and look at my machine and can't believe it's mine! 
I finally found a home for it in a little corner of my dining room by my french doors.
I draped a quilt I've been working on over the desk part to make it look like it's been sewing away! But it's just for looks-such a fun way to display a quilt. (Thanks Ma for the idea!)
I'd like to make a more 'vintage-looking' quilt to drape over it  but for now this works!
And underneath I filled a basket with some baby quilts and books.
They aren't just any quilts and books. They are special to me. 
The quilts were made by my grandmother and great grandmother when I was a baby. 
And the books were also my grandmothers who passed them on to my mother who has now given them to me!

(More on my new sewing machine another day!)

For now, I want to send a HUGE thank you to my Aunt Cindy!!
You are just way too sweet!! 
I feel overwhelmingly blessed.
I really can't thank you enough!!
I love you!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's New?!

As usual, I've been busy sewing away! 
My husband asked me to make a gift for a lady from work who is resigning.
He didn't tell me what to make so I whipped up a lil zipper pouch. What woman doesn't like a zipper pouch?!
They are awesome. They are perfect to throw in your purse or have in your travel bag! 
So that is what I made for her and here is how it turned out:

 I even stuck her initial on the inside to make it a lil extra special. 
I originally was going to put the 'B' on the outside, but I didn't like it. 
I thought it made it look too little girlsy..
I actually really like it on the inside. It's a nice surprise!

Yesterday was a busy day as well.
I made a quick quilt top and even tried my Dresden Ruler for the first time! 
First, here is the quilt:
You'll have to forgive me for the poor quality pics. It was late so I had to take them inside under my terrible yellow lights!
(I'm hoping to get some better pics today!)

As for my dresden plate, I was really nervous I would mess up or ruin it! 
In the end, I think I did rather well considering it was my first time!
I learned a couple things along the way, but overall I'm pleased with it so far!!

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to make with it.. whether add it to a quilt, mini quilt, or ???..
I would love to make more and add them to a quilt but I've run out of the Moda Simple Color fabric I used for this. Perhaps I'll order more and add them to a quilt!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yesterday Today

Yesterday my little one took 2 full naps..which in means, I had a productive sewing day!
I've been wanting to make this for quite awhile now. I would think about it before I went to bed..just thinking about how I was going to make it and what I wanted it to look like.
So yesterday when I finally found some free time I jumped on the opportunity to try out my plan. 
Here's how it turned out:
I love him!!
He is so fun and colorful..and a lil bit funky!
It was nice to be able to use up some of my small scraps I didn't know what to do with.
What do you think of him?!

And surprisingly, my little guy took ANOTHER nap later in the afternoon!
During this time I could've should've been scrubbing the kitchen floor...but instead, I decided to do some sewing of course! ha! 
Typical of me.
I didn't know what I wanted to make but I recently got a scrap pack of fabric in the mail and I instantly fell in love with these fabrics so I cut them up and started piecing them together.
I love how it turned out.
But what do you  think I should make? Should I continue and make it larger into a mini quilt?
Or perhaps a lil tote bag for myself? 
Or maybe a little boxy pouch would be cute??


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


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I'm addicted to it!

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