Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Bloomin' Pillow

It's been a looonnnnggg week. 
And a very unproductive one at that. 
My little one has been sick since Sunday so my to-do list was put on hold. 
I hate when he is sick...but I sure do love all the extra cuddles!!

Now I would probably go CRAZY if I went an entire week without doing any sewing, so I did manage to finish one project...

I fished through my scrap bucket and got to work on this Bloomin' Quilted Pillow.
 It was a QAYG (quilt as you go) project and was a lot of fun and I LOVE how it turned out!
I followed a great tutorial so if you want to make one be sure to check out Lets Eat Grandpa's blog!  She makes a lot of cute stuff over there!!

 Now let's hope and pray lil' man gets to feeling himself soon so mommy can get caught up on orders!
I have 2 quilt orders I'd like to complete by Christmas and as we all know, that day is SNEAKING up on us so quickly! I've got all the fabrics washed so this next week is set aside for cutting and getting a start on sewing them together! Wish me luck!

Have an awesome weekend!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Backup Plan

Remember last week's To Do list?
With a sigh of relief, I've finished everything from the list!
The only thing I was worried I wouldn't finish in time was a small quilt..but I finished in time and want to share it with you today.

This design actually wasn't my first pick. 
For the first time, I decided to follow a quilt pattern from a magazine I had seen. 
I tore the pattern from the magazine, took it to the fabric store so I could get the exact measurement of fabrics I needed, and drove an hour home fabrics in hand.
But the pattern was nowhere to be found.
I had forgotten it at the fabric store.
 An hour away.
Such is my luck.
So with that idea thrown out the window, I decided to just make up a pattern. 
Prepare yourself for an abundance of pictures...



Thanks for stopping by!
With last weeks To-Do list complete, I've got a new list this week that is sure to keep me busy!
Bring it on. 
Wishing you a productive full of check marks on your To-Do lists!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Autumn Quilt

I'm excited to share a quilt with you today!
It's been finished for about a month now and actually resides in my parent's home.
Which in turn, made it easy for me to sneak over there and snap some pictures to share with you!
I'm finding I LOVE strip quilts! I'm not sure why, I just love the look of them!
It's a simple yet unique look.

Doesn't it make you wanna grab a warm mug of apple cider and go for a swing?
Such a beautiful time of year!!
I'm certain I will be making more strip quilts in my future.
They are so simple and fun-even easier than patchwork squares I dare say!!
And it's fun to be able to see it at my parent's house and make sure it's getting lot's of love.
Maybe someday when I catch up on all my orders I can do some selfish sewing and make one for myself to cozy up under!
Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Are YOU my partner??

I signed up for my first swap last month! 
This swap consisted of a mini quilt and was started by Schnitzel and Boo.
How it works is I am assigned to make a mini quilt for another sewer and someone else is assigned to make and send me a mini quilt back! It's a swap! The fun part is it's all in secret!
The girl I have has no idea I have HER name and I have no idea who has me! 
So much fun!! For today I'm calling my swap partner Princess for now because like I said, it's all secret until she receives my package!
I really hope she likes it!!
Here is a sneak peak!!

Here is the mini quilt I made her! She seems to really like photography and says she's obsessed with taking pictures of everything so I thought a lil camera applique would make for a cute mini quilt. What do you think? I even personalized it and put her blog name on it but I had to black it out in this preview (again, it's a secret remember?)
And with my new machine, I added some pretty decorative stitches of course!

Along with the mini quilt, I thought I would add a few extra goodies..

Some fabric to add to her stash..because there is no such thing as too much fabric.

This adorable (if I do say so myself) Chevron Ruffled Zipper Pouch!

 LOVE me some ruffles!
 Also some cute Rossette Magnets!
(because magnets don't have to be flimsy business ads)

And all togther now! MMmmm.... Hot Chocolate!! 
Not just any hot chocolate, Ghiradelli hot chocolate! 
Man, now I've got to go buy myself some!! Yummm! 

So what do you think? 
Do you think Princess will like everything?!
Sure hope so!

Make a quilt, make a friend.