Thursday, October 29, 2015

Folk Song Quilts

Let's take a moment and talk about how beautiful designer Anna Marie Horner fabrics are.
I mean, come on. 
 Her colors are so rich and all of her fabrics compliment one another perfectly.
It's crazy how each of her fabrics look so differently from one another, and yet when they are all put together they match beautifully.
The fabrics I used in the past few quilts I've made were from her collection Folk Song. 
I made 2 matching baby quilts and one large throw quilt.
In the baby quilts, I wanted to do patchwork with some random wonky stars and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.
The white stars really brought out the rich colors of the AMH fabrics.
 One fat quarter bundle made 2 matching baby quilts.
Both have already sold and are off to new homes!
 They will be missed but I'm sure I'll be buying more of this fabric soon to make more! 

With another fat quarter bundle of AMH Folk Song I made a simple patchwork throw quilt.
I love the fabrics so much-I didn't want to chop the fabrics up too much.
I really wanted to show off the beautiful fabrics and designs so I made large block patchwork squares and love how it turned out.
This one also sold right away and has made it safely to its new home and is already getting lots of love!
It's no surprise they sold so fast, the fabrics are mesmerizingly beautiful.
I love all fabrics designed by Anna Marie Horner. 

I've already placed an order for more of her fabric from a different collection of hers. 
I can't wait to get them and start playing with them!
Until then, I'm off to chase this toddler &/or clean up her messes!
Thanks for stopping by!

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