Friday, December 6, 2013

Tied Up With String

Brow paper packaging tied up with string..these are a few of my favorite things!!

With my obsession with Christmas, also comes my obsession with gift-wrapping.
I love wrapping presents!!
Today at my local MOPs meeting I was asked to show a few ways to decorate with brown paper-packaging and thought I would share with YOU today too! Here are a few ideas I shared...

First I demonstrated how to make this adorable felt flower! You can find the tutorial HERE!
I wrapped a couple white strips of lace around and TaDa!

For this next one, I got these pretty red stick things (idk what to call them?)  at HobbyLobby!
You can find lots of pretty sticks and decorations in the floral section at HobbyLobby.
I cut a couple small pieces off and tied them on with black lace ribbon! Easy-peasy!

Next, I used Washi Tape for the first time...and I love it!
If you don't know what washi tape is, in short, it's cute decorative tape! Genius.
Wrap your brown paper packaging with string ;) 
..and then washi-tape stick a label on! 

And if you are feeling extra artsy, you can hand sketch some pretty designs on your package.

Washi tape again. This time I decided to just fold over my wrapper paper, cut across with pretty scissors and tape it down with my washi tape. It give it a different but pretty look I think! The flowers are rossettes made from tissue paper. I'll have to make a tutorial for them soon!

You can get your kids involved too!
While I was wrapping, I had my little one scribbling over a package for his daddy.
I think it's super cute!

And for my son, who is OBSESSED with cars right now...
I drew a little map on his packaged and added a car on top!
Mine is far from fancy, but the idea in itself is pretty cute I think!

When decorating your brown-paper packages, the options and designs are truly endless!
You can do whatever you like! Add whatever crafty stuff you have lying around!  
Personalize it to whoever you are giving it to.
Have fun and let your creative juices flow!
Side note: you can get brown paper packaging at Dollar Tree for just $1! (At walmart it was $4)
And Washi Tape can be found at Walmart for just $0.97. And I believe I just saw ribbon by the yard on sale-some were only 10 cents/yard!!
So wrapping can be fun and affordable!
Thanks for stopping by! 

...These are a few of my favorite things...

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