Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Horse Headband Tutorial

What little girl doesn't love horses?! So I make and sell these adorable horse headbands and thought I would show you how in case you have a little girl who loves horses as much as my little niece!

Items you will need:
~felt (3 colors)
~Tulle trim
~hot glue gun
~needle & thread (or sewing machine)

First you need to sketch and cut out a silhouette of a horse.

Next, cut that silhouette from a piece of your felt and then set your horse aside.

Then you need to cut 2 circles (same size) out of your felt. This color felt will be the background behind your horse silhouette. 

Sew your horse onto one of the circles. You can hand stitch it on or you can use a sewing machine. I used my sewing machine because my hand stitching is not very even. Once stitched on, you can cut a a piece from your 3rd piece of felt to make the horses hair (the light pink part). Hot glue that piece on to the horse. 

Next you need tulle trim. It would look CUTE with pink tulle trim but all I had was gray so that's what I made mine with. You can find various colors of tulle trim at HobbyLobby!

Then hot glue a strip of the tulle trim around the circle your horse is on. (Sometimes I cut the tulle trim a little bit so it doesn't stick out so far)...

Almost done! Hot glue the front piece (the one with the horse) to your headband.

Last, but not least, hot glue the other felt circle you cut and hot glue it to the back of the headband as well as glue to the back of your front (horse) piece. The pictures should show you better than I'm explaining! 

That's it! Now you have this adorable horse headband for your little girl, grand-daughter, or niece to wear!! 

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