Friday, February 15, 2013

Tshirt to Pillow

My son's room is Illini themed..obviously the Daddy had that idea... so his walls are blue & orange! Sounds crazy, but it's actually not as wild as it sounds! I like it! I toned it done with some grey curtains & such. Anyways, my mom picked up this tshirt at a garage sale a long time ago and gave it to me because she knew I would make something out of it! Well I'm finally getting around to it! I turned that tshirt to a pillow and I'll briefly tell you how.

First I cute 2 squares.
Put them together (lettering facing inward) and sew all around leaving room to add stuffing :)

Trim the corners before you turn it inside out! (Sorry about the ugly fingers! I'm not sure why I even try to pain them..I'm a nail biter! Bad habit I know...)
Add some stuffing and sew up the bottom and ...
a pillow!! :)


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