Friday, July 12, 2013

Hexagon Love

My husband says I have too many projects in the works. 
He's probably right. 
I have 2 quilts, 1 baby quilt, and a pillow top that are all unfinished.
And now I've added this to the pile...

Hexagons!! I LOVE them!
I'm wanting to make a mini-quilt to hang in my crafting spot.
I had never sewn with hexagons before so when I first saw them at nanaCompany I fell in love!
I knew I just HAD to try my hand at them.
When I was picking out the fabric, I fell in with this soft teal floral design. 
I matched this pretty pink with it and already had grey polkadots on hand.
I thought the gray was too dark so I just flipped it over and used the backside.
 I like the faded gray look much better.

The sewing technique is called English Paper-Piecing. 
It's a very slow process..(at least for me it is.) 
It's taken me 3 days to get this much done. Wow.
But when I think of all the time and work I've done, it makes me love it even more! 

I haven't had a lot of experience with hand-stitching, so I am quite surprised by how sore my hand and arm are! I almost want to take the day off and give it a rest, but I'm too excited about this project! 
I can't wait to see it done! 
The crazy thing is, I don't even know what design I want the finished project to be!
Do I want it to stay a hexagon, make it a square, rectangle, etc..Much to think about.
But for now, I just keep sewing my hexies together. 
I guess I'll just stop when I think I'm ready too.
I'm hoping I'm finished with the hexagon part in the next day or so.

Have you tried any new projects lately?


  1. Ohhh..that is just a warm up number! Mist of us have a dozen minimum. .that's how creative people roll

  2. Oh yes! I ended up making this into a small mini quilt. But I've already started another project with hexagons! They are the perfect project for traveling! I love them!