Thursday, March 31, 2016

Scrappy & Plush

Sometimes it seems I have so many quilt ideas and yet so little time. 
I definitely haven't been able to sew as much as I would like to lately. 
As you already know, we are expecting baby #3 and the biggest side effect to each of my pregnancies has been how much SLEEP my body requires! I'm so tired all the time it seems. Since I already have a 3 year old and a 1 year old who keep me pretty busy, I used to do most of my sewing while they napped or went to bed. Now that I am pregnant you can usually find me sleeping whenever they are sleeping as well. Yay for naps!! Boo for the lack of sewing time. 

Thankfully I have been able to finish my 2nd quilt finish for this year and it's probably my most favorite finish yet!! Not because of it's design or look, but it's my favorite because of how it feels!!  But if you know me, you also know I love a scrappy quilt with lots of little pieces and this my friend was made from A LOT of little squares.

The reason this quilt stands out from my other quilts is because of the batting. I know you can't see the batting-that's why I wish so badly you could feel this quilt!
There are so many types of batting to choose from and a majority of my quilts are made from cotton batting since it's a higher quality of batting and I love the way quilts wrinkle up after a wash with cotton. But I love the puffiness polyester batting gives a quilt but it's a little harder to work with and is slightly lower quality. I seemed to have found the best of both worlds in this new batting I found! On this quilt, I tried a new batting called Warm & Plush and I'm absolutely smitten!!!!!
Can you see how plush and cozy it is?!!

 It's a cotton batting so it's great to work with as far as quilting goes, but it's a thicker cotton so it gives the quilt a bit more of puffiness than regular cotton batting. Since it's thicker, it also adds a little weight to the quilt which I LOVE!!! 

I love a nice warm quilt to snuggle under on the couch. And yet, it's not too heavy to the point you can't hardly move around it or take it to a football game or picnic. It's the perfect mid-weight quilt and feels so great. I wish you could feel it through these pictures!! 

The patchwork finished makes around a 2.5" square. I'd hate to know how many hours I have invested in this quilt, but every minute was worth it. Is there anything better than a scrappy patchwork quilt? My sister calls it a "grandma quilt" because it has that old traditional mis-matched patchwork quilt look that maybe a grandmother might have made. 

This probably sounds rude that she would say that, but I take it as a huge compliment! I love scrappy vintage quilts so to think my quilt looks like something a grandmother quilter would have made is a compliment. The only difference in my quilt versus your grandmother's quilt is mine is made with new high quality premium fabrics, cotton batting, and is brand new just waiting for a new home and for someone to love on it.
(If you're interested in purchasing & giving this quilt a loving home then feel free to message me on facebook!) 

Do you recognize some of the Cotton & Steel fabrics from my past Moonlit Quilt??

The size ended up being bigger than I expected as well! I had about 40 fat quarters of Cotton & Steel fabric and I used every single piece of it! In fact, i used them for the backing of the quilt as well...

So not only is the front patchwork and pieced, so is the back!! 
The perfect addition to a scrappy quilt!!

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