Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tiny House Bedroom

It's been almost a year since we've moved into our tiny home. 
We have made quite a few changes and continue to do so to make living as a family in a tiny home more convenient and comfortable. 
The one bedroom we have has seen the most changes so far. We've tried various sleeping arrangements over the past year and I'm pretty pleased with our latest changes.

You remember when we first moved in the bedroom was completely filled up by a queen size bed.
Alaya slept in a pack n' play next to the bed so between those two beds you couldn't hardly move around the room let alone store any toys in there. 

Next we had two twin mattresses on the floor that we would spread out on the floor at night and the three of us would spread out and sleep together on the 2 mattresses (Alaya still in her pack n' play).
A few toys could be stored in there with this setup as well as a dresser.

And NOW...

Alaya has graduated to a toddler bed and her brother sleeps on a foldout bed which works perfectly because it can be stored away during the day leaving plenty of room for them to play and ALL of their toys are stored in the corner of the room. 
Also notice we tore out the old carpet and put in new flooring!
If you're wondering where I sleep, my husband and I have overstuffed futon in the living room we share.
I love this set up so much better than our previous sleeping arrangements because I no longer have to store all of their toys in the living room and there's much more room for them to play!

So when we start to feel cramped or need a little space from one another, I can just send them to play in their room!
It's working out perfectly so far.

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