Thursday, September 24, 2015

Birthday Girl & Quilt Photobombs

 Today is a quite special day....
A year ago my sweet little Alaya came into the world. 
This was a first picture taken as a family of four. 
 Like many of this pictures I have to share today, it's not a glamorous photo (in fact, you can't hardly even see Alaya) but our lives changed from that moment on and it changed in the best possible way and all of these photos hold special memories.

Alaya is the sweetest and happiest baby I ever did see! As I was looking through all her baby pictures I realized there was something extra special in so many of the pictures and snapshots I have of her.
Her quilt.
Her quilt has been with her from the day she was born!
She used it the day she was born and still uses it up to this day.
It's truly a treasure and keepsake.
From when she was itty bitty, we made great use of her quilt for
her newborn photoshoot.
It seems I have pictures of her and her quilt through every month and stage of her life!
From when she was itty bitty..
To when she started to become more mobile and her personality started to really shine through. 
Her quilt is quite the photobomber! You can see glimpses of her quilt in all of these pictures where she was acting silly trying to eat her baby doll's pacifier, learning roll and crawl, and even when brother was being annoying bothering her.
Her quilt stayed loyal even when she started sliding off of it and somehow get stuck under the couch.
It went with us everywhere. Inside & outside.

Her quilts were definitely well loved like a good quilt should be.
 It came with us to parks on cool spring evenings. 
(It was the perfect buffer for those wide baby swings at the park.)
It even traveled with us to unwanted overnight visits to the Emergency Room we had to take last December.
It was the perfect piece to make the E.R. feel more like home.
And typical Alaya, she was still so happy and smiley even being so so sick.
My goodness she's just so sweet!!
And like a good mom, I have a million pictures of her sleeping.
And yep, you guessed it, her quilt was right by her side.
I could go on and on showing you pictures of little Alaya and even her quilt.
But I better stop so I can get ready to celebrate her birthday.
So let me end by saying Happy Birthday Alaya!!
 You are so loved.

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