Monday, February 10, 2014

What I'm working on...

It's been awhile since I've been on here!
First I had computer problems, and then I got crazy busy with sewing & orders.
Which is a good problem to have! I like to stay busy! 
Thanks everyone for your orders & thank you for being patient. 
I thought I'd share proof of all I've been busy with so here is a flood of pictures from this past month:

A finished quilt top.

 420 squares later...
I now have another quilt top but you'll have to wait for pics of that!
It's getting quilted this week!

Another small quilt in the making. The top is almost done but here is a peek at the design.
I LOVE Dresdens.

I've made countless zipper pouches.
Between 15-20.

A cuddly baby blanket for my new niece

I got started on a Valentines project..I was hoping to make these pretty little dresdens into a 
table-topper to place a vase of flowers on. But it's been on hold so I could get caught up on orders.
I'm a little bit sad it won't be done in time for Valentine's Day. 

A quilted camera strap cover!
Little story behind this one, it was actually supposed to be a guitar strap cover.
Unfortunately I made it too skinny & it wouldn't fit so I tweaked it and made it even smaller in order to become a camera strap cover now! ha! Worked out in the end!

And lots of baby shoes. 
These seem to be quite a hit because I have a flood of orders coming in.
I haven't taken any orders yet because I want to perfect the baby shoe first.
I'm playing around with sizing, linings, fabrics, & designs!

Aren't they adorable?
The baby shoes are pretty cute-but boy do they take awhile! It's hard to work with something so small!
But worth it in the end for such cuteness!

I have a few other orders I've finished or finishing at the moment but I'll have to show pics another time!
Just wanted to give you a peek to prove I've been busy and I haven't gone anywhere!
Still here!
Sewing to my hearts content!


  1. You weren't kidding! You've been so busy!
    I absolutely love that quilt top - I must break out of my comfort zone of blenders and buy more interesting prints, because that is gorgeous. Your dresdens are lovely (you could still make it by Valentine's, right??) and the baby shoes are very cute!
    I should work on being as productive as you!

  2. Love your Dresdens and super cute shoes!