Monday, August 19, 2013

Back-2-School Gift

My husband's a teacher and had to go back to work this week. 
Summer went by too fast as always.
I wanted to give a few of the teachers a little something just as a 'Back to School' gift to wish them another great year! 
So I got to thinking...

 Remember the hexagons I hand-sewn together to make a block. 
I couldn't decide whether or not to use it in a quilt or turn it into a pillow. 
I through both those ideas out the window and decided to make cute little quilted coasters for the teachers! 
Teacher's always have drinks and cups on their desks that can make a wet mess so I thought a coaster would be perfect!! I hope they like them!
I think they turned out pretty cute..
What do you think?
 I'm going to add a little tag that says,

"Summer went faster than a roller-coaster
Here's to another fast and fun year!"

If you were a teacher, would you use a coaster at your desk?
My mom isn't a teacher, she is a secretary and she has already put an order in for one! 
I'm sure I'll be making of these as gifts in the future...

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