Monday, November 4, 2013

Backup Plan

Remember last week's To Do list?
With a sigh of relief, I've finished everything from the list!
The only thing I was worried I wouldn't finish in time was a small quilt..but I finished in time and want to share it with you today.

This design actually wasn't my first pick. 
For the first time, I decided to follow a quilt pattern from a magazine I had seen. 
I tore the pattern from the magazine, took it to the fabric store so I could get the exact measurement of fabrics I needed, and drove an hour home fabrics in hand.
But the pattern was nowhere to be found.
I had forgotten it at the fabric store.
 An hour away.
Such is my luck.
So with that idea thrown out the window, I decided to just make up a pattern. 
Prepare yourself for an abundance of pictures...



Thanks for stopping by!
With last weeks To-Do list complete, I've got a new list this week that is sure to keep me busy!
Bring it on. 
Wishing you a productive full of check marks on your To-Do lists!

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